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Awesome Apps For Anyone Who Struggles With Math

Math homework doesn’t have to be a struggle, thanks to modern technology. Mathematics is the toughest subject for most students. Unfortunately, this subject is incorporated in almost every course. This makes running away from math almost impossible. However, there are awesome apps that any student that struggles with math can use to make life easier. Here are some of these apps.


This is a free, clever photo calculator application that solves almost any math equation faster. This app does the magic of solving a math problem in two steps. You launch the application and aim the Smartphone at the math equation. Align the problem that you wish to solve with the frame brackets of the app and watch the animated dots as they sparkle. After a few seconds, the app will generate the answer on the screen automatically. It’s that easy.

Math Formulas Free

Many students seek help with homework when unable to recall formulas when solving math problems. Basically, trying to recall all mathematics formulas is not easy. Fortunately, you can easily get help with this challenge. Math Formulas Free is an app that makes looking for complicated and easy formulas easy. It is ideal for university and high school students as well as engineers. This app covers apps for geometry, differentiation, algebra, integration, statistics, and matrix.

Mathematics Dictionary

If you are one of the students that struggle to differentiate millimeter from milliliter, you should use this app. Mathematics Dictionary app extends beyond pure math definitions and terms to include meanings and phrases that are relevant and useful to learners in courses that link to math. Thus, this app will be useful to you even if you are studying diverse things like oceanography or stock broking.

Math Expert

There are times when you turn to a math homework helper when you can remember most of the equation or formula but you can’t put fingers on the missing function or term. In that case, you can use Math Expert. This app stores many physics and math formulas. However, it includes a feature that allows you to fill in areas that you can recall. Once you do that, the app checks the possible calculations automatically.

Math Tricks

Shortcuts are very important when it comes to solving math problems. The Math Tricks app presents 23 tricks. These include simple multiplication and addition tips as well as complex stuffs like multiplication for numbers with a one at the end and finding squares for numbers.

GMAT Math Flashcards

Before you assume that you can’t find an answer for a math problem, use GMAT Math Flashcards. This is an app that will easily help you with math revisions. Try this app when practicing or revising math homework. It includes up to 425 flash cards by Graduate Management Admission Test tutors. The wide range of questions as well as solutions that the app presents will enable you to practice solving different math problem at different difficulty levels.

Basically, you need math skills to excel in fields like accounting, engineering, and meteorology. If you struggle with math, try these apps to boost your skills and grades. If unable to improve after using these awesome apps, consider getting math homework help online. Dissertation writers for hire an help you as well.


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